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Specters in Doorways

Specters in Doorways

Are there really ghosts in Utah?  For a state that is said to have no room for ghosts, Utah certainly has a vast number of haunted places! 

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In this compelling and highly entertaining book, author and Utah native Linda Dunning takes a trip back in time and uncovers the ghosts, legends and unusual lore of a state that is unique in the annals of American History.  Travel along as she reveals the mysteries and miracles of haunted mansions and farm houses, ghostly hotels and public buildings, spirit-infested hospitals, churches and gathering places, eerie old schools, colleges and universities and finally, the phantoms of Utah’s many old mills and abandoned factories.  It is a journey that no reader will soon forget, filled with the lingering personalities of Mormon pioneers, miners, mill workers, millionaires and murderers, through a land that is like no other.




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